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DarkGlider Gaming Mat

DarkGlider Gaming Mat
The battle begins!

Everything now depends solely on you, your abilities and your equipment.
Every millisecond determines either victory or total annihilation.
Now is the time to rely on the outstanding nano-coated sliding qualities of your DarkGlider Pad. Regardless of whether it’s plastic slides or ceramic feet, the precision surface area of the DarkGlider Pad is made from special interwoven textile threads, and gives you the crucial second fractions to eliminate your opponents.
Any mistakes can now end in disaster! However your DarkGlider Pad lies on the table like it was nailed there due to its special natural rubber undercoating, which provides secure suction to every surface, compensating for even the slightest of unevenness, in order to lay the foundation for victory. The pad is so flexible that if you must quickly retreat or change position it can fit in pants pocket.
The DarkGlider Pad offers an area of 355 x 255 mm for expansive operations, to include a comfortable height of 2.5 mm, which is needed for epic battles. The DurableStitch sewing around the edges prevents the fabric from fraying and ensures that your DarkGlider Pad will continue to faithfully follow you into every engagement.

Be the victor – with the DarkGlider Pad!

  • Highly durable and extremely strong cloth material
  • Smooth sliding offering maximum accuracy
  • Finest natural rubber base for perfect grip
  • DurableStitch sewing
  • Dimensions: 355 x 255 mm
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