Micro ATX


The new compact category for gamers!
The completely black MS140 micro-ATX case can – despite its compact design- house VGA cards with a maximum length of 36 cm.
Additionally, the MS140 offers an internal mounting area for HDDs and SDDs: up to four 3.5" HDDs or – alternatively – six 2.5" HDDs/SDDs can be installed.
Furthermore, the micro-ATX case provides one 5.25" and one 3.5 mounting bay.
Cooling is provided to the internal components by a single, blue illuminating 140 mm fan located in the case front.
The MS140’s front panel includes two USB3.0, two USB2.0 and two audio plugs.
Due to its compact design and lightweight of around 4 kilograms, the case is a handy companion to every LAN event.

  • Micro ATX case
  • 1x 5.25" drive bay (external)
  • 1x 3.5" drive bay (external)
  • Internal mounting area for up to four 3.5" or six 2.5" HDDs
  • 4 slots for add-on cards
  • Front I/O with 2x USB3.0 (internal 19-pin mainboard connector), 2x USB2.0 and 2x audio
  • 1x 140 mm pre-installed LED fan
  • Supports VGA cards up to 36 cm in length
  • Dimensions: 420 x 175 x 368 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: ~4 kg
Fan configuration:

Case front   1x 140 mm LED fan
Rear panel   1x 80 mm or 1x 92 mm fan (optional)
Case bottom   1x 120 mm fan (optional)


Max. length graphics card   36 cm
Max. height CPU cooler   14,5 cm
Max. length PSU   25 cm

Data sheet (PDF)
Manual (PDF)
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